Advanced Biofuels R&D&D Mapping

Introduction to EBTP mapping activities

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R&D&D Mapping

To achieve an overview of the current state of biofuels R&D&D in Europe vis à vis the Strategic Research Agenda & Strategy Deployment Document (SRA/SDD), a 'mapping database' was created to collate details of relevant ongoing projects funded by the EC, industry and EU Member States. The database, which covered R&D projects, is currently being updated and redeveloped by the EBTP-SABS Project team.

Meanwhile, updated information and links to many R&D&D projects is included on the various pages in the 'Biofuels Information' section of the website.


Complementary mapping activites

Similarly, information on 2nd Generation Pilot Plants in Europe, the United States and Australia is also being gathered and disseminated by IEA Bioenergy Task 39 and Biofuels Digest and SETIS.