General Information on Biofuels in Europe

This section of the EBTP website is designed to provide stakeholders, administrators, the media and interested members of the general public with summary information on a number of topic related to advanced biofuels value chains in Europe - from feedstocks and sustainability to conversion, end-use, market development and policy.

Information is provided on a topic by topic basis and can be accessed through the following subsections:

R&D&D Funding




   Horizon 2020

Biomass Resources

   Energy Crops (non food)


   Waste Streams

   Agricultural Residues


Fuel Production

   First generation

      Biodiesel (including FAME and HVO)





   Second generation


      Cellulosic Ethanol




      Bio-crude / Bio-oil

      Bioelectricty / CHP

      Algal biofuels

      Hydrocarbons via chemical catalysis of sugars




Use of biofuels

   Road transport

   Marine / shipping



Biofuels regulation




Biofuels markets




  Environmental impact

  Land availability

  Food vs fuel